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All activities are full of fun and challenge. Learning is enriched by music, singing, dance, drama, storytelling, creative expression, yoga and puppetry. Organized play, free play, sand play and water play are specially geared not only to develop child’s physical co-ordination but also to instill team spirit and co-operation.

Field trips, Sport’s day and Annual Day are organized in addition to various events like color day, topic day, fancy dress etc.

We have a distinct, structured timetable that incorporates the following activities.


Children play outdoors on equipment like swings, roundabout, jungle, gym, slides, tunnels etc under the supervision of adults.


Children play on cycles, paddlers and rocking toys, with bat and ball etc, in the play ground.

Children play organized sports and games conducted by the teacher. They learn to follow simple instructions and play in a group.


Children play with toys as well as make believe pretend games.


Play dough: Children make different things with the playdough, using rolling pins, cutters, moulds etc.

Threading beads: Children love this activity. They thread beads and shapes of different sizes, learn sequencing and segregation.

Puzzles: Children do various puzzles to help them figure out things on their own, using their cognitive ability and learn by trail.

Montessori sensorial material, Concept Games of matching, sorting, sequencing of numbers, phonics, colours, shapes etc. to help and strengthen their basic concepts, Topic oriented games, Make believe games, Storytelling, Dramatisation, Music—singing to the keyboard, Action songs, Group creative work, working with paints and crayons, Life skill activities, Courtesy and manners, Health hygiene and good habits, Cooking and nutrition, Awareness of the neighborhood , city, country and world, News roundup and important personalities, science experiments, Gym, Movie projection, Topic related DVD viewing.


It has been our experience that children as young as two years and even younger are fascinated by storytelling. Books enhance their reading skills and fire imagination. Books enhance their reading skills and fire their imagination. Books also help them develop language: listening, comprehension and reading. Take home books will be exchanged every week. A library bag with a number is provided by school.

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