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The school's guiding values are a lifelong love and passion for learning and creative thinking. Awareness and empathy regarding people and environment is stressed upon.

Our philosophy

Scope is a child centric school. The purpose of the school is to create the right environment so that the child may develop as a complete human being. It offers a framework that meets children's several needs: academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural.

Each child receives nourishing affection and attention from teachers. Importantly, a child is valued for the unique individual he or she is and is not compared with another. This creates a secure environment for the child to grow in.

We care deeply for the child's dignity and integrity.

Learning is joyous when not motivated by reward or punishment. Children learn to think independently and speak their mind freely.

For a wholesome education, the hand, the head and the heart must develop harmoniously. We have a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning with a curriculum model that provides

Guidelines for what students should learn

A Teaching methodology

Assessment strategies

At the centre of every curriculum are five essential elements : knowledge, concepts, skills, attitude and action.

The aim of the programme is to help children acquire holistic understanding in areas such as language, environmental science, number work, arts and personal, social and physical education.

The medium of instruction is English. National language and state language, which are equally important for communication are an integral part of learning. This is achieved through songs, rhymes, story telling and conversation.

Student's academic, physical and life skills are assessed throughout the year. These assessments are recorded at the end of each term in the form of report narratives rather than grades or marks.

Physical education, Yoga, Music and Dance are part of the curriculum for all standards.

We try our best to see that the children can confidently interact with others, expressing themselves clearly. Social skills, good manners and courtesy, neatness and cleanliness and above all environmental awareness and responsibility are a part of the Scope Culture. It is our aim and endevour at Scope that Children develop into good and responsible citizens of the world.

For the school year to be enjoyable and rewarding for your child , we need the support of parents.

You can help, by playing an active role in the education of your child. You will be given opportunities to volunteer either in your child's class or in school. Mark your family calender and your personal date-book with such dates and remember them. Familiarise yourself with the school policies and co-operate with the school authorities,

All the children are encouraged to participate in all the events and activities. We do not believe in a reward or punishment system. Children are encouraged to do things at their own pace. There is no ranking of the students. We do not pressurize the children at all.

We request you not to expect things from your children which are beyond their capabilities and co-operate with us in making school as pleasurable and non-stressful for the child as possible. We know that as parents you are very concerned for your children and want only the best for them. As parents you have certain expectations from the school,. We understand that and try to do our best. We too expect you to follow the rules so as to make our task easier in the everyday running of the school. We hope you understand this and co-operate with us.

All the rules given and any future regulation which may be given should be scrupulously observed.

As a parent, you are an integral part of your child's development. We expect your full co-operation.


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